About us

Stainloyz International is headquartered in Ahmedabad, India. It trades brand new, unused, refurbished and obsolete computer parts and peripherals over a decade. 

We have clients spread all over the world. We import, export and do wholesaling of IT equipment, such as central processing units, motherboards, memory sticks, hard drives, servers and parts of servers among others. 

Since 1999, we have an established pedigree in the filed of hardware selling. Experience of several years in the computer hardware field has helped our clients to have the best pricing for their good. We pride ourselves of being the best in our industry with a full concentration of continued expansion of technical know-how. Quality breathes in our corporate mission and we leave no stone unturned to give best of our sales and post sales services to our clients. This recognition has fostered our dramatic growth requiring us to constantly develop our capabilities in sourcing and remarketing. 

Our success depends solely upon your success. Therefore, we consider each customer as unique and important. We believe in creating a long-term relationship with every client. 

Prices of these merchandises vary constantly, and we ensure to quote the real-time pricing of the bulk deals for clients. Our happy customers either mark up their cuts or save a lot of money from each deal made with us. 

Take advantage of such incredible offers which could propel your business engine to stay ahead of others.